Putin's Unlikely Ally in His Standoff With the West: His Central Banker

Elvira Nabiullina has earned an unusual degree of freedom to clean up Russia’s messy banking system and stabilize its economy against volatile markets and looming sanctions. Her skills have won her praise from Vladimir Putin—as well as from abroad.

Venezuelan Crisis Escalates as Economic Plans Fuel Tensions

The exodus of Venezuelans gained pace as the government’s plans to address the collapsing economy fueled anxiety, while tensions grew in neighboring countries that have strained to absorb refugees.

Gunshots Fired at U.S. Embassy in Turkey

Gunshots were fired at the U.S. embassy in Ankara, causing no injuries but highlighting rising anti-American sentiment in Turkey as relations sour between the countries.

Greece's Bailout Ends, but Austerity and Anger Prevail

Athens and the EU hail the end of the bailout as a historic day when Greece recovers its national freedom, but many Greeks find it hard to believe that this truly is the end of an era.

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